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Below you can find a list of useful resources for legal information available for free on the internet:

Law Society of British Columbia PLTC Notes
If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, the Law Society of British Columbia has recently started publishing its Professional Legal Training Course materials on the internet. PLTC, often referred to as Bar School, is a 10-week super intensive course every aspiring lawyer must pass to be licensed for practice in BC. The information is available in Adobe pdf format (accessible via free Adobe Reader software), and covers a wide range of legal topics including:

- Civil Litigation
- Creditors Remedies
- Criminal Procedure
- Family
- Commercial
- Company
- Estates
- Real Estate
- Law Practice Management
- Lawyer Standards of
Professional Responsibility

Take your time browsing through it.... the information is designed for junior lawyers, so it's not easy reading, but there's nowhere else on the internet where you'll find such a wealth of updated, organized, annotated (reference to case law) legal information for free. Please remember to review the Law Society of BC's Terms of Use regarding content on its web site.

The Law Society of British Columbia
To contact the organization entrusted with training, licensing and regulating all lawyers in British Columbia, please see the Law Society of BC website. 

British Columbia Courthouse Library
If you would like to do some additional research, you should consider the British Columbia Courthouse Library, where all court cases and statutes can be accessed by the public for free. This is where lawyers, including me, do all our research!

BC Court Services
For information on BC's various law courts, including rules, forms, fees, addresses and contact information, please see the Ministry of Attorney General of BC Court Services website.

BC Provincial, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Judgment Database
You can also search and read recent BC Provincial (Small Claims) Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal judgments online at the Courts of British Columbia website.

Land Title and Survey Authority of BC
Registry fees and other information for Residential Conveyancing can be found on the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC website.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada and HRSDC
For information on immigration, Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website is truly the best resource... it is thorough and easy to navigate. Additional information on work permits and corresponding exemptions, as well as Arranged Offers of Employment, can be found on Human Resources and Social Development Canada's website. 

Personal Property Registry
For information on how the
Personal Property Registry works, in regards to personal property security liens, please see the Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services website.

I will post additional resources as they become available.
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